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Se describirán libros, artículos, guías e información de interés para profesionales y pacientes.

Exercise training and resting blood pressure: a large-scale pairwise and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Objective To perform a large-scale pairwise and network meta-analysis on the effects of all relevant exercise training modes on resting blood pressure to establish optimal antihypertensive exercise prescription practices. Design Systematic review and network meta-analysis. Data sources PubMed (Medline), the Cochrane library and Web of Science were systematically searched. Eligibility criteria Randomised controlled trials ...

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Papel crucial de los fisioterapeutas en este programa de ejercicio físico para el tratamiento de enfermedades crónicas

En un paso significativo hacia la mejora de la salud y calidad de vida de los pacientes con enfermedades crónicas, el proyecto “EFECTO DEL EJERCICIO FÍSICO DE FUERZA SOBRE LA LONGITUD TELOMÉRICA COMO MARCADOR DE ENVEJECIMIENTO Y MUERTE PRECOZ EN PACIENTES CON ESQUIZOFRENIA: EL ESTUDIO ELONGAR” ha recibido financiación de la Gerencia Regional de ...

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A technical guide to tDCS, and related non-invasive brain stimulation tools

Transcranial electrical stimulation (tES), including transcranial direct and alternating current stimulation (tDCS, tACS) are non-invasive brain stimulation techniques increasingly used for modulation of central nervous system excitability in humans. Here we address methodological issues required for tES application. This review covers technical aspects of tES, as well as applications like ...

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Active pelvic movements on a Swiss ball reduced labour duration, pain, fatigue and anxiety in parturient women: a randomised trial

Question How much do active pelvic movements on a Swiss ball during labour affect maternal and neonatal outcomes? Method A randomised trial with concealed allocation, blinded assessors and intention-to-treat analysis. Participants Two-hundred parturient women. Intervention The experimental group performed pelvic anteversion and retroversion, lateral pelvic tilts and circular hip movements according to ...

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Variation in Utilization of Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist Services after Rotator Cuff Repair: A Population-Based Study

Objective The objective of this study was to describe the utilization of physical therapist and occupational therapist services after rotator cuff repair and examine variation in rehabilitation characteristics by profession. Methods This retrospective cohort study used the IBM MarketScan Commercial Claims and Encounters database. Patients included were 18 to 64 years ...

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Evaluating the Neural Underpinnings of Motivation for Walking Exercise

Objective Motivation is critically important for rehabilitation, exercise, and motor performance, but its neural basis is poorly understood. Recent correlational research suggests that the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) may be involved in motivation for walking activity and/or descending motor output. This study experimentally evaluated brain activity changes in periods of ...

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