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Physiotherapy management of blood cancers

Physiotherapy is an important part of the management of people with blood cancer. Blood cancer is associated with significant physical and psychological burden. The goals of physiotherapy include facilitating the individual to prepare physically for medical treatment, maintain health during treatment, recover after treatment, and maximise health and wellbeing in ...

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Cost-effectiveness analysis of prophylactic respiratory physiotherapy in pulmonary lobectomy

Objective: To evaluate the cost-effectiveness balance of implementing an intensive program of chest physiotherapy in pulmonary lobectomy. Methods: Design: cross-sectional study with historical controls. Cases are 119 patients operated on during a 15-month period of time, after implementation of an intensive chest-physiotherapy program. Controls are 520 patients operated on by the ...

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Pelvic floor rehabilitation in the treatment of women with dyspareunia: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Introduction and hypothesis Dyspareunia, the symptom of painful sexual intercourse, is a common sexual dysfunction in reproductive-aged women. Because of its multifactorial etiology, a multidisciplinary approach may be required to treat it. Musculoskeletal factors play an important role; thus, rehabilitating the pelvic floor and modifying the tone of the pelvic ...

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Physiotherapy management of Achilles tendinopathy

This review focuses on two distinct but related conditions: midportion Achilles tendinopathy and insertional Achilles tendinopathy. They are characterised by localised pain  and impaired locomotor function, including walking, running and jumping. The information mainly pertains to midportion tendinopathy, which dominates the literature, but evidence about insertional Achilles tendinopathy is highlighted. Although ...

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Immediate effects of active exercise with compression therapy on lower-limb lymphedema

Purpose Active exercise with compression therapy (AECT) is a standard treatment for gynecological cancer-related lowerlimb lymphedema (LLL) in clinical situations. However, there is insufficient evidence regarding the immediate effects of the use of AECT on LLL. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the immediate effects of AECT on LLL. Methods Participants in ...

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Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System: Identifying barriers, facilitators, and strategies for implementation in research, education, and clinical care

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, octuber 25, 2022 Jarrad H. Van Stan. Jain Holmes, Lauren Wengerd et al Objective To explore rehabilitation professionals’ experiences and perspectives of barriers and facilitators to implementing the RTSS in research, education, and clinical care. Design A cross-sectional survey with free text and binary ...

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Effectiveness of Telerehabilitation in Physical Therapy: A Rapid Overview

Physical Therapy, Volume 101, Issue 6, June 2021, pzab053 Pamela Seron,  MSc, María-Jose Oliveros, MSc, Ruvistay Gutierrez-Arias, MSc, Rocío Fuentes-Aspe et al Objective: The purpose of this article was to summarize the available evidence from systematic reviews on telerehabilitation in physical therapy. Methods: We searched Medline/PubMed, EMBASE, and Cochrane Library databases. In addition, the records ...

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Exercise interventions and patient beliefs for people with hip, knee or hip and knee osteoarthritis: a mixed methods review

Abstract Background: Chronic peripheral joint pain due to osteoarthritis (OA) is extremely prevalent and a major cause of physical dysfunction and psychosocial distress. Exercise is recommended to reduce joint pain and improve physical function, but the effect of exercise on psychosocial function (health beliefs, depression, anxiety and quality of life) in ...

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