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Physiotherapy management of blood cancers

Physiotherapy is an important part of the management of people with blood cancer. Blood cancer is associated with significant physical and psychological burden. The goals of physiotherapy include facilitating the individual to prepare physically for medical treatment, maintain health during treatment, recover after treatment, and maximise health and wellbeing in the survivorship and palliative stages of disease. Exercise training and physical activity are critical components of physiotherapy management, and this is supported by growing evidence of the benefit of exercise for people with blood cancer. This review summarises the clinical presentation of blood cancer, the disease burden, the management of blood cancer with a focus on physiotherapy treatment, and future directions for research and clinical practice. Whilst blood cancers affect people of all ages, this review focuses on the management of adults with blood cancer.

Journal of Physiotherapy. Vol 69, Issue 2, April 2023, Pages 70-78

Catherine L Granger

Sobre Aritz Monasterio

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