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Delta variant: Israel reveals that Pfizer’s vaccine is not 94% effective, but 64%

The Israeli Ministry of Health has published a study indicating that the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19 does not protect as much against the Delta variant as had been confirmed at first.

While research by Public Health Egnland (PHE) had found that the Pfizer vaccine prevented 96% of hospitalizations and 88% the development of symptoms, new studies indicate that protection is notably less. The serum from the German pharmaceutical company would offer 64% protection to prevent infections and mild symptoms . All in all, the vaccine continues to show an effectiveness of more than 90% in preventing hospitalizations and serious symptoms.

For its part, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has stressed that this is preliminary data pending evaluation . The research is based on vaccine efficacy figures collected by the Israeli health authorities, as noted by Professor Nadav Davidovitch, a member of the Israeli government’s expert advisory committee on COVID-19.

In Davidovitch’s words, the Delta variant «is much more infectious, but it doesn’t seem to lead to as many serious illnesses or death,» especially with the vaccine. At the moment, the country registers 70 patients hospitalized for coronavirus, 35 of which are in serious condition.

This variant of SARS-CoV-2, detected in India, has gone from having an incidence of 60% to 90% in just two weeks. Experts suggest that it is due to the relaxation in restrictions against COVID-19 and the greater transmissibility of Delta . Last Monday, the Israeli health authorities affirmed that 369 positives had been detected, raising the total of active cases to 2,766.

Faced with this increase, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has announced that two studies are underway on the possible need for a third booster dose. Said investigations «will evaluate the efficacy of the vaccine and the duration of this protection over time.»

From the opposition, Netanyahu urges to strengthen the immunity of the population by inoculating a third dose . In this sense, he adds that «according to conversations he has had with the best experts in the world, I believe that a third dose should be given to the population over 50 years of age in August, so that the vaccination has ended in September.» He concludes by stating that » the price of being late could be lethal and cost many lives .»

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